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Use A Countdown Clock in Your Emails To Increase Clicks and Conversions

U a countdown clock in your email

Use A Countdown clock in your emails

Countdown clocks are a great way to increase clickthroughs and conversions in email marketing. By adding a countdown timer to your emails, you can create a sense of urgency and encourage readers to take action before the timer runs out. This can be especially effective when used in combination with other strategies such as discounts or limited-time offers.

Using COuntdown TImers Increases COnversions

Using countdown timers in emails has been proven to be effective in increasing engagement and conversions. Studies have shown that emails with timers have higher open rates than those without them, as well as higher clickthrough rates and more sales conversions. This is because timers create a sense of urgency which encourages people to take action quickly before they miss out on an offer or discount.

In addition, adding a countdown clock also helps make emails look more professional and engaging by providing visual interest and making them stand out from other emails. This can help draw attention to your message and make it more likely that people will take action.

Which COutdown Clock IS The BEst

We tested several different Countdown Clocks and found that the one Mailtimer Countdown Clock is the best one. 

The Mailtimer Countdown Clock is the best countdown clock available because it offers a variety of features that make it easy to create and customize a countdown timer for any email or website. It works with any Email Service Provider, allowing users to design timers that perfectly match their email style. Additionally, the global content delivery system ensures that the timer will be delivered in less than a second. With these features and more, the Mailtimer Countdown Clock is an ideal choice for anyone looking for an effective way to boost sales, conversions, and click-through rates.

How to Set up and Use a COuntdown CLock

In this video below, we walk you through how to easily set up a Countdown Clock and use it in your email.


Overall, using countdown clocks in email marketing is an effective way to increase engagement and conversions by creating a sense of urgency that encourages people to take action quickly before they miss out on an offer or discount. With just a few steps, you can easily add one of these timers into your email template and start reaping the benefits right away!

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